In his memory,

Welcome to the official website of late lamented "Mohammad Bahmanbeigi", the great teacher of tribe and the founder of Iran nomadic education. Though it is not as timely as it had to be to, we have been doing the best to launch this website with the consent given by late Bahmanbeigi in September 2009 and add to the contents gradually. Although this has been the least we, as the ones who were taught by him, can do, our efforts have been failed due to some reasons!

Eventually, the decision was to organize everything we have had to present the first edition of this website to the cultural community of our country.

We are well aware that the present website is an extremely small portion of texts and images on Mohammad Bahmanbeigi and the great things he has done. However, we are certain that with the cooperation and help of you- his protégés, students, admirers, and advocates- we can add to the contents of this website and make it richer.

While we appreciate the help of everyone who has been contributing to this end including Lady Sakineh Bahmanbeigi (Kiani), we earnestly seek your contribution to make this website as rich and fruitful as late Bahmanbeigi's name deserves it to be.

With much appreciation,

The Founding and Planning Board of the Website  


The official website of Mohammad Bahmanbeigi
(The Founder od Iran's Nomadic education)

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Website Developer : Farbod Tavakoli

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